3 Tips How To Prevent Shoulder Injuries From Falling When Playing Team Sports

Have you been suffering from shoulder injuries repeatedly and you're just tired of getting the same pain over again that's been stopping you from playing in your team?

I know how frustrating and tiring it is when every time you get back on the field, you end up being in the same spot - with an injury that's keeping you out of the game for weeks or even months.

Team sports are contact sports, and you will end up putting yourself at risk of getting an injury just by the nature of these sports.

However, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of getting shoulder injuries from falling on the field.

Read this blog to find out what you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible when playing team sports.

Common Shoulder Injuries From Falling 

Before we give you advice on preventing a shoulder injury from a fall, we will discuss the types of shoulder injuries from falling that you can obtain on the field.

Whether that's playing baseball, soccer, basketball, or football, these team sports involve a lot of running on the field and contact with other players who sometimes may use aggressive tactics like pushing or even kicking.

Sometimes you might obtain an injury by accident as it's easy to slip on a wet field or fall over other players' legs.

Here are some of the most common shoulder injuries from falling.

Shoulder Instability Injury 

When you're running around on the field and suddenly slip, it's a natural reaction to try and stretch your arms towards the ground so you can stop the fall.

However, this is one of the worst things you can do during a fall.

When you're falling on a hard surface and stretch your arm, the chances are you can break your bones or at least experience a lot of pain and have limited arm movements.

It's a common shoulder injury from a fall and can make your shoulder hurt for a long time and stop certain movements.

If you're playing basketball, baseball, or football, this injury will stop you from playing the game for a few weeks.

Rotator Cuff Tear 

Another common shoulder injury from a fall is a torn rotator cuff.

While other shoulder injuries from falling may be not so dangerous and you can put some ice or heat to relieve the pain, a rotator cuff tear requires rehabilitation.

Physical therapy can help you recover from a torn rotator cuff, but it won't happen over night.

It's best to avoid shoulder injuries from a fall at all costs by implementing some of the tactics for sports injury prevention.

How To Prevent Shoulder Injuries From Falling

If you're looking for a way to prevent shoulder injuries from falling then there are certain things you can do to avoid those injuries in the future.

Some of these things are very simple but can really make a big difference to whether or not you will get a shoulder injury from a fall.

Here are some of the tips for you to try.

3 Tips To Prevent Shoulder Injuries In Team Sports

Plan For A Soft Landing 

It may sound odd to be told that you need to prepare for a fall, but the way you land from a fall is the key factor to whether or not you will get a shoulder injury from a fall.

There are certain landing techniques that you should have been shown by your coach or personal trainer, but if you haven't heard of them before, then continue reading this blog.

When landing on the field or any other surface, you should fall sideways if possible, lean forward into the fall to gain some control over where you're falling, keep your knees bent and your feet down, and swing your arms to direct your fall but keep them high and don't touch the ground with your hands.

These common techniques will help you avoid serious shoulder injuries from a fall and keep you safe and in good shape ready for another game.

Improve Your Balance 

Overall, not every fall can be prevented, but you will increase the likelihood of avoiding a fall if you have a great body balance.

There are some stretches and exercises that can help you increase your body balance.

Try Yoga stretches and other exercises for balance improvement to be in more control over your body.

A good body balance can prevent you from getting another shoulder injury from a fall.

Warm Up Before The Game 

I know that you can't wait to be back on the field and playing with your teammates, but don't rush out without having a proper warm-up.

Team sports require a lot of intense and long physical activity, so you need to prepare your body for such an extensive activity.

Warming up is a priority to keeping you healthy when doing any physical activities, so warm up and maybe you will prevent your shoulder injury from a fall from happening again.

The Best Treatment For Shoulder Injuries From Falling

If you already have a shoulder injury from a fall and now you're so frustrated and not sure what else you can do to end this cycle, then you need to start physical therapy.

Or maybe it's the first time you got a shoulder injury from falling and you want to get the best help to speed up the recovery and prevent it from happening again.

As the leading endurance athlete expert in New York City, I've worked with thousands of athletes treating different types of shoulder injuries from falling, and my methods have worked and got them back to playing sports in no time.

My approach is different from other physical therapy you might have tried before. I give you my full attention, listen to you, and understand your story, so I can find the best and most individualized treatment plan to help you.

I also provide performance enhancement training and injury prevention plan that can help you stay active and away from injuries.

If you are a little skeptical, I get it. That's why I offer several free resources you can start with, so you can see how my unique approach can really help you achieve your goals.

For more information on sports injury and performance enhancement, you can download our free advice report where I've put together all the relevant information for you to look at before getting in touch.

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The most important thing is to choose one option now and get the care and treatment that you need, so you can get back to doing what you love without  the fear of getting another injury.

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